• Image of Live at the Boulder Theater double disc CD

This is Jonah Werner's live CD. It is by far his bestselling album to date because it features Jonah's brilliant storytelling, guest appearances by artists such as Trace Bundy and Aaron Werner and a double disc set of some of his greatest songs. Here's the track listing-

1. Get it Goin'
2. Friendationship (talking)
3. Texas
4. Elationship (talking)
5. Sway
6. Communicationship (talking)
7. Hippopotamous Song
8. The Medley (talking)
9. Everytime You're Lonely
10. Little Baby Birds
11. Hurricane Intro. (talking)
12. Hurricane
13. Ghost Intro. (talking)
14. Ghost
15. Dirty Poor
16. All We Want is Love
17. Picture Intro. (talking)
18. Picture
19. Just Like You (Intro.)
20. Just Like You
21. Blue Pajamas Intro. (talking)
22. Blue Pajamas
23. Alive Poem
24. Derail